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      100W 18650 Box Mod Kit Big Fog Smoke Cessation Electronic Cigarette Metal Body with 2.5 ml Vape Atomizer Vaporizer Kit VS Smok----Not include 18650 Battery




      Matetial: Copper-zinc alloy

      Size: 142*47*25mm

      Wattage Range:1~100W

      Voltage Range: 3.3-4.2V

      Batteries: 1* 18650 batteries (not included)

      Atomizer Capacity:2.5ml

      Atomizer Diameter:22mm

      Resistance: 0.3ohm


      how to work


      1. Product Name: SpringTime Electronic Cigarette Kit

      2. Power on: When the board is connected to the battery, the boot screen is displayed for 2 seconds

      3. Switching machine: Press the ignition key 5 times continuously within 2 seconds to switch the switch.

      4. Output: Press the ignition key to output, display the current output power, the current output voltage, the current atomizer resistance, the current battery power.

      5. Switch screen: long press the minus key and plus key to switch the screen.

      6. Smoking timeout: smoke a cigarette for 10 seconds, stop output, show smoking timeout.

      7. Over-temperature protection: When smoking, the board over-temperature, stop the output, indicating that the temperature is too high.

      8. Low-voltage protection: press the ignition key, if the battery is lower than 3.3V, the voltage symbol flashes, prompting low power.

      9. Empty Tip: Press the ignition key, if there is no atomizer or atomizer resistance greater than 5 ohms, the resistance symbol flashes, suggesting that there is no nebulizer.

      10. Short-circuit prompt: press the ignition key, if the atomizer resistance is less than 0.3 ohms, the resistance symbol flashes, suggesting that there is no atomizer.


      Order tips


      1: The first use of atomized core, after filling the oil must be more than 5 minutes to use.

      2: If you do not use it for a long time, you should take out the battery of the main unit and clean the atomizer smoke oil.

      3: When the atomizer contains smoke oil at rest, the first time there will be fried oil sound, if this is the case, the host power is adjusted to about 80w continuous suction a few mouths can be resolved.

      4: The power of this product is 20w-100w. It is recommended that novice users use a power range of 30w-60w. If continuous smoking 90-100w, the mouthpiece will feel slightly hot.

      5: This product is equipped with smoke oil for the import of food flavor debugging, when the atomizer static time is too long, the first time smoking may have a small amount of smoke oil, sucked to the mouth, the smoke oil is slightly sweet, this is a normal phenomenon, continuous absorption The mouth is good.


      Packing list


      1* SpringTime Mod

      1* Atomizer

      1* Spare Coil

      1* Micro USB Cable

      1* Packing Box


      (Product does not contain smoke oil and 18650 battery)


      real photo by Michael


      100W 2100W 3100W 4100W 5100W 1