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      High-Quality Hair Diffuser Buy Online from
      Hair Diffuser Curly Hair Attachment Perfect for Curly Straight Natural Wavy Hair | Cornmi
      Curly Hair Attachment Perfect for Curly Straight Natural Wavy Hair Online | Cornmi

      Hair Dryer Diffuser Perfect for Curly Straight Natural Wavy Hair | Cornmi

      Product description

      Color: White/Black

      Worrying every morning because of hairstyling? 
      Do you want to have an attractive image in front of others? 
      Giving your family/friend a surprise on the coming of Holiday? 

      Our Mission: Take care of what you need, bring you beautiful and charming hair. 

      Why choose Kaarii Hair Dryer Diffuser? 
      1. Hair Dryer is made from premium quality material, Odourlessness. Please feel Relieved while using it. 
      2. Hair Diffuser doesn't disturb your natural curl pattern and prevent your hair from frizzing when using it correctly. 
      3. Hair Diffuser speeds up drying time without adding frizz. 
      4. Hair Diffuser has lesser damage than direct heat from a blow dryer. 
      5. Adjustable Air Flow-spin the nozzle of this diffuser to adjust airflow as you need. 

      How to use this Kaarii Hair Diffuser? 
      1. Wash and conditioner your hair, dry with a towel first. 
      2. Add anti-frizz product or serum as you like. 
      3. Attach this curly hair diffuser to the end of the hairdryer nozzle and turn on. 
      4. Always set your blowdryer with either Medium or Low Heat only. This is to protect your hair scalp also to avoid overheating of the product. 
      5. Place a section of your curls into the bowl of diffuser. Move the blow dryer diffuser gently over the scalp while drying. 
      Hold it until your hair roots and tips are dry. This will soften the airflow and redefined the curls. 
      6. Pull out after cooling. 

      More Details

      1.【Universal Diffuser for Hair】Suitable for hairdryers with NOZZLE DIAMETER: 1.38 INCHES - 2.68 INCHES. Our hair diffuser can adapt to over 99.9% different designs of hair blowers. Working well for any hair types like naturally curly hair, wavy hair, and straight hair.

      2. 【High-Quality Diffuser】 Hair Dryer Diffuser is made from high-temperature resistance PA material and premium quality rubber, which means you'll get a diffuser that is resistant.

      3.【Better Defining Curls, Bigger Bowl】 Unlike many other diffusers with flat shallow bowls, that will blow your curls all around, our diffuser with its deeper and bigger bowl has a better grip on your hair, thus avoid the annoying problem of disturbing your curls. Help bring back more defined curls and waves to your hair.

      4.【Hair Protective & High-Efficiency 】 This hair dryer attachment is diffusing the harsh heat from the dryer and disperse air with gentle evenness. Protect the hair from damage of concentrated heat, blow away the frizz, and slash your time for styling.

      5.【Best Gift for women】 Friends/ Girl's friend Birthday, Holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas is coming? This Hair Diffuser is the best gift for them to become more beautiful and confident. And If have any problem with it, you are always welcomed to contact us for exchange or refund as per your preference.

      Please make sure that your hair dryer interface is within 1.38 INCHES - 2.68 INCHES before ordering. 
      Any problem/question, please contact us. We will do the best service for you, return or refund as you like, but we have confidence that you will like it(The most affordable price).