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      Notifications: SMS, calls, WeChat, QQ, etc.
      Clock: 24-hours
      Pedometer: Records steps and distance
      Monitors sleep quality
      Alarm clock

      Battery capacity: 70 MAH
      Standby time: 300 hours
      Input voltage: 5V
      Weight: 6.9 grams net weight
      Material: Plastic ABS, watch strap: TPU elastomer
      Total length: 235mm, width: 19mm
      Screen: 0.42 inch OLED
      Heart rate: S7000
      Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0, compatible with Android and iOS
      Touch: Touch mode button
      Waterproof: IP67 grade
      Sensor: Low power acceleration sensor
      Charging interface: USB


      1*Smart bracelet
      1*USB charging cable
      1*English and Chinese user manual
      1*Package box