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      This camo phone case is suitable for ≤9. 5cm × 17cm × 2.5cm (≤ 5.7 inch) phones, designed by premium nylon material, environment friendly, anti-slip and wrinkle slip, play an important role in outdoor sports, hiking, camping and so on.
      Sticker design, easy to use, very handy.
      Tear resistant, anti-adhesive, dust-free and fold proof, lightweight, durable.
      Can be attached to waist belt,backpack and so on.
      Length 17cm
      Width 9cm
      Thick 4CM 
      Stretch length 29cm
      Package contents
      1 * Camo bag
      YZ0500AG (5)YZ0500AG (4)YZ0500ACU (4)YZ0500AG (6)YZ0500ACU (1)YZ0500ACU (3)YZ0500AG (2)YZ0500CP (10)YZ0500CP (11)YZ0500B (5)YZ0500CP (13)YZ0500 (3)YZ0500B (4)YZ0500CP (7)YZ0500CP (8)