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      Name: backpack rain cover
      Color:  cam, green, blue, red and so on.
      Aliexpress choice : 20L         True capacity : (15-25L)   Weight:  33g
      Aliexpress choice :  30-40L   True capacity : (30-40L)   Weight:  45g
      Aliexpress choice :  Other     True capacity : (45-50L)   Weight:  49g
      Aliexpress choice :  50-70L   True capacity : (55-65L)   Weight:  58g
      Material :  nylon outside + waterproof PU inside
      1 backpack rain cover
      Super Waterproof: Don’t let a drop of water in.Waterproof wear-resisting Nylon material can make it. It can resist water of 2000mpa hydraulic pressure rate
      Dual-layer Design. The exterior layer adopts wear-resistant Nylon to avoid scratching and dirt. The inner layer adopts waterproof coating to avoid rain and snow.
      Elastic fabric around: It will make the cover stick to the backpack to avoid falling off.
      Compact and Portable: It can be easily folded so that you can put it in the side bag of your backpack for storage.
      Easy to carry: Ideal for Outdoor Activities: Perfect for outdoor travel, riding, climbing, hiking and so on.
      Packpack rain cover rain cover bag backpack cover rainproof cover
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