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      USB Charger LED Display Dual Fast Phone Charger Adapter Wall Travel Charger EU for iPhone

      · POWERFUL CAPACITY WITH DOUBLE CHARGING - 2 USB ports have 5V/2.4A power, and allows you to charge TWO devices simultaneously, at top speed!

      · SMART LED INDICATOR - Volts and amps display helps you to sort out better-charging cables which have thicker copper, therefore, charge faster and save time. Note that many cell phones will limit charging when the display is on to reduce heating effects, so it is best to let the phone enter sleep mode before drawing conclusions

      · SMART CHARGING EVER - Recognize any device, and maximize the charging efficiency. Build-in smart technology detect all connected devices, itself adjust the output accordingly, and ensure a constant voltage to minimize charging time.

      · SMART CHIP - Built-in safeguards protect your devices against overcharging, overheating, overpower, over currency, overpressure, high-temperature earth leakage protection, overplay protection and short circuit protection.

      · TRAVEL READY - Charging three devices using only one lightweight and a portable wall charger so much easier when traveling. Input: AC100-240V, ideal for worldwide travel.

      This GUSGU DUAL-Port Travel Charger, with the intelligent charging chip, the travel adapter can automatically identify charging devices and delivers the optimal charging current for each connected device, ensuring fast, efficient and safe charging on your devices.
      Just press once to check the Current.

      · Model No.:GUSGU DUAL USB LED Charger
      · Input: AC 100-204V ~ 50-60Hz 0.4A
      · Total output: 5V/ 2.4A
      · Single port output: 5V/2.4A(Max.)
      · Material: fireproof PC
      · Weight: 57g
      · Dimension: 80x45x28mm